Backlink Removal Services

Backlink removal services

 Why do you need backlink removal services?

Due to recent changes with the Google Algorithm, following the introduction of Panda and Penguin, link detoxing has become extremely important for many website owners especially if you have built up a number of links to your site from untrusted, low ranked websites over the years.

The old tried and trusted methods of links building will now count against your site and if you have experienced a slump in rankings or enquiries, chances are you have been hit by a penalty. One bad link is a problem, but a lot of bad links are a huge issue and can’t be taken lightly.

Following the recent and ongoing Panda and Penguin Google Algorithm updates we developed our service to help businesses and individuals to start to recover from any manual or algorithmic penalties that may of been applied to your website by Google.

The first initial step to clean up a website and getting a link penalty lifted is to get rid of the offending backlinks.

We will compile a list of all links pointing to your domain and manually check each domain to see if it meets the guidelines laid down by Google. Using trusted software we can establish which links may be toxic  and harming your site. We then get in touch with  webmasters on your behalf to request the low quality, unnatural links are removed.

We usually send a maximum of five requests out per site and typically around 20% will be successfully removed. For the remainder we use the Disavow Tool in Google Webmaster Tools to advise Google of the list of websites we don’t want counted in your link profile.

The link detox process can be quite tricky especially deciding which links should be kept and which should be disavowed. The return of website rankings in Google is not a quick process and it can take months, but without our backlink removal services and positive action in tackling your toxic links and it will take forever…

We have successfully helped clients disavow unnatural links and start them on the road to recover lost rankings. Contact us now about our backlink removal services to clean up your website and get your penguin recovery process started today!