Link Detox Faqs

Listed below are some of the more frequent link detox faqs we are asked about our services.


Q/ What does your link detox review actually do?
A/ We help your website recover from a Google Penguin Penalty.

Q/ What is the process you go through?

A/ We will review your website and source any toxic links that point to your site. Once we have found a definitive list, we contact the owners of those sites with a request to remove the link to your site . We do this four or five times.

We then collate a list of any links that still remain and upload them in a ‘disavow file’ to Google.

Q/ What is a disavow file?

A disavow file is a csv file containing a list of website addresses and domains of poor quality websites that are linking to your site.

Q/ How do I know if our website needs to have it’s backlinks reviewed?

If you have noticed a drop off in traffic in the past couple of years it is likely that your site has suffered a Google Penalty of some sort. See our guide on how to check if you have a Google penalty.

Google rankings drop

This tool provided by Sistrix is one way you can check to see if your website was affected by any of the Google Algorithm changes as well as checking your Google Analytics account for a traffic loss like the one shown in the graphic above.

Q/ How much does your service cost?

For a review and cleanup of your links, along with a disavow file creation and upload we charge £450+vat.

Q/ How long will it take to see an improvement?

A/ Unfortunately there is not a definitive answer to this question. As most of the websites that are linking to your site are of poor quality Google won’t be in a rush to visit them frequently so any improvement may take months*.

* Better this than to leave things as they are and to watch your website suffer for even longer.

Q/ Will the link detox need to be ongoing?

A/ You’ll have new links being added to your site all the time. We can keep an eye on your site and carry out a review of your links every two weeks if required and then add them to your Google disavow file for you. There would be a small ongoing charge for doing this of £39.99+vat p.m